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Residents Associations

This is the list of Resident Associations, Action Groups and Dispersed Properties

If you would like to start up a group please contact the Community Development Team on 0800 833 160

Balmoral Residents Association -

Area Covered ~~ Brecon, Grampian and Blackdown Tower Blocks.

march 2016


Patrick Nightingale

Gina Whittle

Tristen Bembridge

Rutendo Chitiga

Patricia Whelan

Terry Brown

Georgina Rudd

Bradfordbury & Rothwell -

Waiting for Information

Yantlet -


Chair ~ William Marchant

Secretary ~ Sandra Smith

Committee Members ~ Charlie Peel, Carol McGeral, Ruth Fisher


Dispersed Properties -

M y name is Shirley O’Reilly and I am the Voice for Dispersed properties in Southend. I moved into one of these properties 7 years ago and found that they were not being represented. I send out regular newsletters to let them know what is happening within South Essex Homes.
I sit on various Focus Groups including The Reinvestment panel and Repairs looking after the interest of all residents. I was involved in the early stages when South Essex Homes was first formed and over the last 10 years held many positions helping all of our residents.
I am vice chair of the Residents Scrutiny Forum that was set up last year, and we have just finished our first Scrutiny Report which is on Avoidable contact.

If I can help you in any way please feel free to contact me.

Dispersed Properties Newsletter #1

Kingpiper Action Group -

Kingpiper Action Group

Area Covered ~~ Kingfisher Close and Sandpiper Close

Pat Beckitt – Chairperson

Carol Dench – Secretary

Betty Thorley

Chris McPhillips

Alex Campbell

Mendip Action Group -

Mendip Neighbourhood Action Group

Formed in July 2014, the group’s members are:

Diane Nicholls

We will have meetings at the community coffee morning (Thursday am) at St Cedds Church, were at least one or more of the groups members will be available to talk to.

We plan to do 3 newsletters a years which will cover all aspects of the estate from the wildlife garden to books sales at the coffee mornings, all panel members phone numbers will be sent out in our newsletter so if any resident needs help with a query or problem we can be contacted.

There is going to be a lot of improvement work going on in the wildlife garden, hopefully making the garden more accessible for all. The community group have started planning for the annual children Christmas party which is always very well keep a look out there is lots more to come!!

We hope this Action Panel will have the support of the residents without the need to hold meetings that in the past were poorly attended.

Mendip Wildlife Community Garden

Victory Action Group -

Welcome to ‘VNAG’ that has been set up to replace Victory Residents Association because residents in the area were not attending meetings. This was not cost effective as we had to pay for the hall hire and there was officer time which needed to be paid for.

The group was designed to take up where VRA left off, residents are still at the heart of everything that needs to be done on the estate without the formality of a constituted group with a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer etc.

There is however formal paperwork that as a group we must adhere to i.e. Statement of Aims, Code of Conduct and an Equal Opportunities Statement.

Part of our new remit is to produce a minimum of 3 newsletters a year and hold up to 2 meetings a year. To call meetings there would need to be a specific issue that needs the input from the majority of residents on the estate with specialist guest speakers on the given subject. This would also only be possible to do depending on the availability of the St. Mellitus hall as the premises are up for sale on the open market.

If there are any issues that you would like to bring to the attention of VNAG then please do not hesitate to contact Glenn Ashdown on 01702 615641 or at

Newsletter ~ Issue 2

Newsletter ~  Issue 1


Queensway Safety Working Group -



Tenancy Service Officers Patches -

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